Scott Kaspar has stepped down to pursue an urgent and important opportunity and we are excited for Mr. Kaspar's new endeavor.
We are excited to announce that Ray Robbins will be assuming the role of Chairman immediately!

About Us

Responsibility In Government

What is Responsibility in Government?

America’s exceptional role in the world are under constant attack from Leftists intent on radically transforming our society from one rooted in the principles of – liberty, equality, an identity of E Pluribus Unum – into a nation divided by faction, infected with identity politics, whose people are undermined by an ever-growing administrative state, all of which robs us of the opportunity to live freely under the rule of law.

To ensure our future generations may live in a truly-just society, Responsibility in Government rises to stand in the breach, defending our constitutionally enshrined rights by educating individuals from all walks of life regarding the First Principles upon which America’s Founders began building our great, shining “city upon a hill,” and giving them the tools required to join this mission.

As a 501c(4) non-partisan, nonprofit, Responsibility in Government trains, organizes, mobilizes, and equips new grassroots constitutionally motivated leaders to achieve and secure lasting political change.

Our Mission

Accountable Government

To promote a renaissance in responsible government supported by the principles of our universal creed, grounded in America’s Founding principles: natural law, liberty, limited government, individual rights, check and balance in government, popular sovereignty, the civilizing role of religion in society, and the crucial role of civil society and civil institutions in grounding and mediating our democracy and our freedom.

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